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Alternative Fee Arrangements — A Primer

Posted on 03/31/10 , 4 Comments

Clients’ demands for the delivery of quality and efficiently performed legal services, in whch law firms assume part of the risk have given rise to the increased demand for for alternative fee arrangements. Here we deliver a narrative of current market factors and a primer as to how law firms can deliver quality, value driven legal services using an alternative fee arrangement, while both assuming part of the risk and managing that risk simultaneously.

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Law Firm Partner Layoffs? Hardly A New or Shocking Development

Posted on 03/16/10 , 1 Comment

  The Question About the Announcement Concerning the Howrey Partner Layoffs Was That it Was Newsworthy At All                                                                                                             Jerome Kowalski                                                                              Kowalski & Associates                                                                              March, 2010                                                                                Some portions of the legal community seemed to take it by surprise that Howrey announced this week that it was laying off 30 [...]

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Expected Upturn in Litigation: No Panacea to General Downturn in Profession

Posted on 03/15/10 , No Comments

Litigation revenues fir the intermediate future will continue to be lean.

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Recent Citibank Survey: Cause for Optimism or Caution?

Posted on 03/14/10 , No Comments

Citibank just published the results of its annual survey of the levels of confidence by managing partners for the coming year and reported that the majority felt positive Interesting that neither Dan dePetrio, the voluble head of the law firm group at Citibank, who always has something wise to add to the public discourse on law [...]

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Jerry Kowalski Featured as a Prominent American Business Leader

Posted on 03/12/10 , No Comments

I am very proud, yet a bit humbled,  to be featured in a cover story as a prominent American business leader.

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