Archive: April, 2010

Are You and Your Firm Taking Full Advantage of a Remarkable Marketing Tool?

Posted on 04/28/10 , 2 Comments

The regular use of LinkedIn is the most potent — and free — marketing tool available.

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Client Alerts and Bulletins

Posted on 04/22/10 , 2 Comments

If you have an important piece of new legal information you think your clients ought to know about, shouldn’t you write to them in a short comprehensible way?

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Mandatory Partner Retirements — Do They Make Any Sense?

Posted on 04/12/10 , 2 Comments

It’s time to abandon mandatory retirements and to make most efficien use of Service Partners.

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Alternative Fee Arrangements and Value Billing — The Continuing Public Dialogue

Posted on 04/08/10 , 3 Comments

The public discourse on Alternative Fee Arrangements continues unabated. Competitive pressure and client demand escalate as hourly billing erodes as the only viabe basis to compensate outside counsel.

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