Archive: May, 2010

Wanna Save Millions of Dollars and Bring Them All to Your Bottom Line? Radical Changes in the Legal Profession’s Recruiting Process Will Put Real Money in Your Pockets

Posted on 05/26/10 , No Comments

Materially enhancing law firms’ profitability and reduction of expenses can be achieved through radical changes in the entire lawyer recruitment process.

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Should Law Firms Continue to Report Publicly on Profits Per Partner?

Posted on 05/19/10 , No Comments

Do reports by law firms by law firms on Profits Per Partner provide an accurate metric by which profits can be measuered or assessed. And, does such reporting make sense make any sense in the current economic C?imate

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Rationalizing the Process of Hiring and Training Associates

Posted on 05/09/10 , 4 Comments

The system now used by the profession in hiring and training associates requires a drastic overhaul Summer programs require more than an overhaul. They simply should be eliminated.

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