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Summer 2010: A Time for Serious Strategic Planning; Spare the Fun and Sun This Year

Posted on 06/29/10 , No Comments

Having endured incredible challenges over the past two years, let’s be realistic and well prepared for the continuing and essca;atang challeneges that lay ahead

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Meeting and Overcoming Lawyers’ Resistance to Change; How Are Changes Required by the New Era Effectively Adopted and Incorporated Within the Law Firm?

Posted on 06/18/10 , 1 Comment

Lawyers seem to be genetically resistant to change. Yet, change in lawyers’ approach to the practice of law are required, as the profession as a whole, adapts to the new era. A discussion of how to overcome lawyers’ resistance to change

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Where are the Well Trained Lawyers That Will be Needed Four Years Down the Road Come From and Who Will Pay for Their Training?

Posted on 06/09/10 , No Comments

As we weather the curent storm by scaling back on summer programs and 3L’s, where and how will we find the trained and proficient lawyers that will be required as the economy recovers and who will bear the cost for training them. It’s time to take a ride in the hot tub time machine and ride in to the future.

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Blog, blog, blog: Take advantage of the fact that 27% of in-house lawyers use blogs as their most important tool in researching and identifying outside lawyers to hire.

Posted on 06/02/10 , 6 Comments

More than a quarter of in-house counsel use blog postings by lawyers as the “most important” tool in identfying and researching lawyers for new engagements. Use that legal marketing tool and watch the new clients pouring through the door.

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