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Navigating the Perfect Storm: Recruiting, Training and Retaining Lawyers in the Coming Decade (Ark Press)

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 Jerome Kowalski Kowalski & Associates  July 29, 2010        I am pleased to announce that my new book, Navigating the Perfect Storm:  Recruiting, Training and Retaining Lawyers in the coming Decade (Ark Press) will be released late next week.             In this volume, I address the run up to recent events which affected the profession [...]

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What if They Built a New Law School and Nobody Came?

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The real problem is that Kevin Costner’s character in “Field of Dreams” was right: If you build it, they will come.

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Blog, blog, blog: Legal Blogging Really Pays Off; A Short Note

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If you haven’t started to actively write legal blogs about your practice areas, here is evidence of legal blogging’s efficaciousness.

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Why Does Everybody Think it’s So Remarkable that Cravath has Purportedly Begun an Active Marketing Program?

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  About as remarkable as Rick Blaine’s responding to Captain Renault in Casablanca with feigned surprise “What?  There’s gambling in Casablanca? I’m shocked.”                                                                                                     Jerome Kowalski                                                                                                 Kowalski & Associates                                                                                                 July, 2010     I was completely puzzled and perplexed by all of the recent expressions of surprise, awe and amazement in [...]

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