Front Page Review by The New York State Bar Association Committee on Lawyers in Transition of Navigating the Perfect Storm: Recruiting, Training and Retaing Lawyers in the Coming Decade

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New York State Bar Association, Committee on Lawyers in Transition, Recruiting, Training and Retaining Lawyers in the Coming Decade More reviews can be found at http://www.mpmagazine.com/publication.asp?pubid=78AE6CEB-1078-4874-9ADD-AD003C5515CD&PDID=F1F4F4D5-F49E-4280-B3C5-58D05F18A220

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Expected Upturn in Litigation: No Panacea to General Downturn in Profession

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Litigation revenues fir the intermediate future will continue to be lean.

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Jerry Kowalski Featured as a Prominent American Business Leader

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I am very proud, yet a bit humbled,  to be featured in a cover story as a prominent American business leader.  http://jewishbusinessmagazine.com/jewish-business-news/jerry-kowalski-of-kowalski-associates/

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Jerome Kowalski

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Brief biography of Jerry Kowalski

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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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